The Bloodsea Wayfarers Society

The Devils Elbow 3

Sept. 5. One combat and a skill challenge. Elliot, Matt, and Greg in attendance.
The rat swarm attacks the group clawing and biting Chick. Chick retaliates doing considerable damage to the swarm and Estralfinishes them off.

The group meets a dwarf called Fletcher Green. He was hired by the Wayfarers before the group to do the same job. But Fletcher’s party was killed by Garrik and the bandits. Fletcher was captured and bound up in the attic to be tortured and eaten alive by the rat swarm. The dwarven ranger joined with the group and they carried on through the pass.

Closing in on dusk, the group made it to a giant wall with many armies of giants, orcs, goblins, and men all listening to the frenzied speech of a human. The leader, presumably the Goblin-Unifier, was rallying the armies to join together as one and start a campaign against Thistleshire and the Bloodsea. The group tried to start a riot and pit the armies against themselves. They were making progress before they lost their nerve and decided to stop pressing their luck. They regrouped, decided to pose as bandits, and make their way to the gatehouse.

Their, they bluffed and bribed their way into the keep, passed a group of curious orcs, and sneaked passed a sleeping guard to exit the keep and make their way to Udtgard.

In Udtgard, the group delivered the package to Darrin who was rather protective of the coin…



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