Wippurn sits as the political center of the <name> region and is a bustling trade city, spanning the gamut of wealth and diversity. Typical of many large towns and cities, Wippurn is separated into a variety of districts that overlap and transition into one another. One may be wandering down a lane with various crafts shops on either side only to find themselves suddenly in the middle of an entertainment district, the transition area being artisans who create costumes, props and such. Other prominent districts include a bustling public market, a senatorial forum, an area reserved for parks and nature and a temple district, with a multitude of churches, temples and shrines to various deities.

The city works on multiple layers as well. As well as being the seat of performers, artists and musicians, the entertainment district is also home to most of Wippurn’s organized crime and black market. Despite many attempts by the local constable, the parks district is often where most of the town’s homeless can be found. The temple district is home to true houses of gods, but also shrines to false gods and purveyors of fake healing magic. The senatorial forum is where both politicians AND philosophers can be heard spewing their dogma.

Though the city is fundamentally run by the Baron and his advisors, there is a somewhat puppet senate that exists to “represent” the interests of the masses. At its heart, though, this is merely a gathering of corrupt, crown-appointed members who accomplish little through their ministrations and whose primary role is to make the people think they have a voice.

Despite fairly extensive corruption, the city is relatively safe and well policed. “The Heartless One” (see below) is known for his harsh punishments for breaking the local laws, so most people don’t dare steal or fight in the streets. Overall the Wippurn experience is a colorful one full of exotic and boisterous sights, smells and sounds and is a welcoming city to all kinds.


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