Estral Arcturus

Estral is bright of eye and quick of tongue. He is fast with a smile and a tale.


1st Level Half-elven Valor Bard

Ability Score: Str – 10; Con – 16; Dex – 8; Int – 14; Wis – 13; Cha – 18

Defenses: AC – 17; Fort – 13; Ref – 14; Will – 15

HP: 33; Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven; Feats: Toughness, Ritual Caster

Racial/Class Abilities:
– Group Diplomacy – allies within 10 sqs get +1 to Diplomacy
– Virtue of Valor – when any ally within 5 sqs bloodies or drops a foe, gain 4 temp HP
– Song of Rest – at the end of a short rest, all using healing surges add 4 to hp regained

Trained Skills:
– Arcana – 7
– Bluff – 11
– History – 7
– Perception – 6
– Streetwise – 9

At-will powers:
– Guiding Strike – enemy takes -2 to defense of my choice until end of my next turn
– War Song Strike – any ally who hits target before end of next turn gains 3 temp hp

Encounter powers:
– Dragonfrost – push target 1 sq
– Majestic Word – healing surge +4 and I slide the target 1 sq
– Words of Friendship – +5 power bonus to next diplomacy check
– Shout of Triumph – push enemies and slide allies in close blast 3 three sqs

Daily powers:
– Verse of Triumph – all within 5 sqs get +1 to damage and s.t.’s and when you reduce an
enemy to 0 hp, all within 5 sqs of the enemy can shift 1 sq as a free action


A strikingly handsome half-elf of tall and lean stature stands in front of you. His bright aqua eyes fit his face as neatly as his chain armor fits poorly. A longsword hangs awkwardly from his waist. He is quick to strike up a conversation, a condescending grin on his face.

“Well met stranger. My name is Estral Arcturus, from the city of Wippurn. I was one of seven kids, born of parents more concerned about where their next drink was coming from than putting enough food on the table. I learned early on that if I wanted a full stomach, it was up to me to earn some extra coin. I spent most of my childhood begging for scraps in the marketplace and quickly learned that an extra penny or two was more likely to come your way if you were singing and dancing than if you were just sitting on the street corner, looking pathetic.”

“I found like-minded urchins who were motivated by the rumbling in their stomachs and we began to put on street shows… some juggling, tumbling, singing and dancing. We soon began to reenact epic tales of mighty warriors written by bards of old. From there I began to compose my own works, taking up the lute and striking out original tunes to the delight of passers by. I was a bit of a neighborhood celebrity.”

“My childhood passed and before I knew it I had a cast of performers at my disposal. I found an old abandoned theater and with some coin I had saved up, we fixed it up. We began putting on more organized shows on a nightly basis. The take was minimal, and all from passing the hat at the end of the night, but it was enough to pay both the lord’s taxes and the local thugs. “

“It was during these times that I began to recognize my gift. I had a natural talent for composition, and I found that my poems, songs and plays touched people. With a twist of a word or the lilt of a note I could evoke passion, envy, anger, joy, sadness. There was a rhythm in the notes of a song and the cadence of verse that only I saw, and I used it to leach every cent we could from our patrons. They may not have even known why they were handing over a few gold coins after the show, but they did, and later they would remember it almost like a dream.”

“Life was pretty good, but that was when everything changed. One evening I noticed a young woman in the crowd who seemed not to want to be seen, but how could I not notice her. She was beautiful, but that word seems an insult to her true beauty. Words cannot express how lovely she was… I dare not even try lest I do her a disservice. I quietly dedicated my performance that night to her, but as the rest of the crowd’s eyes glazed over, entranced by my songs, she remained unaffected. Her clear gaze pierced my eyes and raided my heart. I could not move her, but her mere glance moved me like the gods move the clouds and the tides.”

“I had to know who she was. After the show I quickly jumped into the crowd and made my way to her. She nearly escaped by as I grabbed her arm and asked her name, she merely flipped me a platinum coin and a subtle smile and quietly left. That slight smirk filled me like the morning sun fills the barley fields. I was flying, and yet I had no idea who she was. It was only later that evening as I recounted my tale to my friends that I found out. Turning the perfect coin she had given me in my hands, I was shocked to see her familiar face in profile, struck on the coin. My heart sunk. She wasn’t just another beautiful girl… she was the Baron’s daughter: Ilyana Vanderleigh. “

“I found out that her hand had been promised to the son of another lord in an attempt to forge an alliance in these troubled times. On the morning of her 18th birthday she will be wed, and I will lose her forever. I cannot let that happen, and that is why I am here. I will strike out into the darkness of the countryside and do whatever it takes to make a name for myself. There is only one way to gain the hand of a lady of nobility and that is to become noble myself. Some gain that privilege by birth, but I will have to do it through wealth and fame. Her hand will be mine, even if I have to drive this sword through the chest of her betrothed to stop their wedding. Until then, she will be my muse, my guiding star.”

“So then, now that you know my story… what brings you here?”

Estral Arcturus

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