The Bloodsea Wayfarers Society

The Rod of Insanity
3rd level adventure; played in Manhattan on March 6, 2011 with Elliot, Adam, Greg and Brian in attendance

We received word of a rumor that some brigands may have found the Orb of Asmodeus. We followed these rumors to a farmhouse in the outskirts of Wippurn and were set upon by said brigands. We were surprised to find that these hooligans were led by our old friend Garrick the Halfling (going by an assumed name of Heime the Slimy). He had gained control of a powerful rod called the Rod of Insanity and captured us, likely to be sold into slavery. In our hallucinagenic and trapped state, Estral had a vision of a long-dead Psion named Traben, who informed him that to face the rod was folly and that the only way to overcome its power was to find him at the end of a cellar dungeon and learn his secrets.

The group followed Traben’s clues and made their way out of the cell, only to stumble upon a group of half-drunken, gambling brigands. Following a brief skirmish, the heroes overwhelmed the brigands, keeping one alive for questioning. They learned that Garrick was just upstairs with more goons, but that downstairs there was a wine cellar. Investigating, the heroes discovered 4 tapestries that held the letters AR, RA, EF, and LM. Certain that these letters held a clue to the cellar dungeon of which Traben spoke, they began rearranging them in their minds and shouting out possible answers. “Farmer Al!” “Frame Ral!” “Flame RAR!” “MELF AR AR!” “Feral Ram!” were all heard among the clamor. Then, out of nowhere, someone shouted “FAR REALM!” Conversations later would reveal that no one could determine the source of the answer, as though it had come to them from a great distance.

With this phrase spoken, a magical portal opened and the heroes entered. Finding themselves in a bizarre and alien environment, they were immediately set up by puss-filled, floating creatures, foul in all ways. They heroes made quick work of the disgusting foes, though and continued on to a strange river that seemed to have gained sentience, and it was angry. Chick began navigating his way over the rocks in the river, but this angered it and the waters rose up over him, knocking him silly and causing him to have horrible visions and hallucinations.

At this point a large rock came out of nowhere, almost as though it had been summoned by the river and began rolling toward the waters, intent on creating a huge splash that would like douse the entire group. While Estral and Varis worked to slow the progress of the boulder, Fletcher worked out a puzzling series of craters that seemed connected with the waves created by the river. After a couple of trial and error moments, he figured out the puzzle and prevented Chick’s certain demise. Chick was able to scramble the rest of the way across, afix a rope to the other side and help the team across the river.

Once across and rested, the heroes dispatched another group of the puss-filled beasts before wandering into the lair of “The Thing That Should Not Be”. The beast initially manifested as each heroes worst nightmare. Estral faced a demon who swallowed a maiden, while Chick went toe to toe with a swarm of rats. Fletcher battled his disapproving father and Varis battled <sorry>s daggers flashed in and out, dealing grievous wounds to Acidmaw while Estral assisted him, a song of heroism on his lips. Varis tackled the fiery skinned Dreadscale, pounding him with his epic blade while Fletcher rained death from the sky with his longbow.

With the farmstead cleansed of the foul taint of the Far Realm, the heroes collected their loot and traveled back to Wippurn to update Ichabod on the rumors…

Morass of Lost Hope
Morass of Lost Hope

Morass of Lost Hope, 2nd level adventure. Played live at Brian’s in Topeka on Jan 9, 2011. In attendance: Matt, Elliot, Greg, Brian, and Andrew.

Adventure Starts (3rd of July, 283):
3 months time has passed from the teleport to Hullsmeet. Estral, Chick, and Fletcher have met Brian’s characters and they have joined the guild if they want to (but at least joined the adventuring group.) The major current event is:

Hullmaster and Gravaunt are two major city-states in the Bloodsea area – and vicious rivals. All of the city-states campaign against one another for land territory, maritime trade routes, and general dominance in the area, but Hullmaster and Gravaunt particularly hate each other and have been at constant war with each other for more than a decade.

Both states have recently come under the control of new political parties; the newly elected Minister of State of Hullmaster, Gellentara Gracemorel, and newly established Senate of Gravaunt (which took power after a coup overthrew the tyrant, King Zanril Trannyth). The new offices are interested in negotiating a long overdue peace with each other and the first step was a diplomatic mission where Gravaunt deployed their flagship, the “Imperial,” to Hullmaster. The objective of the mission was to negotiate peace and make a public display of their good faith by destroying a powerful artifact in their control.

The Orb of Asmodeus is said to house one of the chambers of Asmodeus’s heart. Asmodeus is an evil god of tyranny who rules the Nine Hells. It is said that the wielder of the orb has the power of omniscience in all matters related to battle and warfare and can use it to predict the future of battles. Further, it is believed that the orb grants the wielder domination over men to lead into battle and conquer in the name of tyranny and subjugation. The wielder’s army is believed to be invulnerable in the field. Further, and most potently, it is evil and has the power to corrupt. Zanril Trannyth used it to ascend to the throne and assert his domination – and keep it a decade and more. Now that he has been overthrown and executed, the new senate of Gravaunt, is interested in a lasting peace with Hullmaster and plans to negotiate the terms of the treaty and finalize the deal with the destruction of the orb. Unfortunately, the Imperial never made it to Hullmaster. It disappeared in the Bloodsea in transit. Several weeks later a deranged man stumbled into Hullmaster claiming to be a member of the crew of the Imperial. His testimony was useless as he was a lunatic rambling of complete nonsensical gibberish. The only useful information gleaned from the unfortunate man before he died was that the ship drifted into the Morass of Lost Hope, a huge, largely uncharted salt-water marsh land. There is an additional twist to the plot. The man was carrying a horrible disease he picked up in the swamp. The disease, since named Swamp Flu, spread quickly through the lower quarters of Hullmaster and the city has been quarantined – nobody in or out without special license from the government.

The PCs, came to Hullmaster a few days before the diseased sailor on an escort mission. Now they are stuck in the quarantine. The BWS has their ways of getting what they want and smuggled in Ichabod. His assignment: find the orb. Payment for recovering the orb and returning with it and any charted portions of the swamp (1000 gold), returning without the orb but with any useful information (charts, info about the swamp, etc.) 170 gold (parcel 8). If you return by noon on 3rd of August you are entitled to a 25% bonus. He will give them license to leave the city.

Zaeroth’s dad decided this is the perfect opportunity for Zaeroth to wipe away the “humility as a failed adventurer” and orders him to retrieve the orb. By a miraculous coincidence he arrived in Hullmaster the same day as the rest of the group and is now under the same quarantine.

Three adventurers joined the group and the BWS. A human rogue known only as Snake. A half-elf druid, Lia, and her brother a warden, Varis. Zeoroth also joined the guild officially.

The group was approached by three individuals, Theo the Healer, priest of Hospital Niveus, an associate of Basir Egis, a known crime lord in Hullmaster, and Jamril of Clan Hillswolf, an infected Wilden. Each offered the group a quest. The first two to retrieve the Violet Orchid from the Morass with hopes that it can be used to create a cure for the Swamp Flu. Theo wants it for the welfare of the people but could not offer a reward. Basir wants it to exploit the people but offered 500 gold as a reward. The group promised to do what they could. Jamril wanted to be smuggled out of the city to do among his people near the swamp. The group accepted his quest.

The group successfully smuggled Jamril out of the city and kept him alive long enough to meet with Clan Hillswolf. They left as friends with the clan and were rewarded with a Brooch of Shielding.

Wnadering into the swamp, they encountered a group of Bullywugs, bullying a Mycanoid. The bullywugs were sacrificing the Mycanoid to Viadrix the Putrid, Lady Tyrant of the Morass — an elder Black Dragon. The group slew the bullywugs and rescued the mycanoid.

The Mycanoid took them to his colony where they were given a quest to slay a Lizardman called Zarash the Scared in exchange for the location of the ship. They accepted.

But en route to the Scared One, they encountered a tiny lizard man being tortured by a mud lasher. The group rescued him (who later introduced himself as Eros the Skink) and he took him to see his chief. In turn, the skinks offered them a quest — to destroy the Mycanoid sanctuary the apparent source of a plague infecting the swamp. The group assumed it was also the cause of the Swamp Flu and aligned with the skinks instead of the the mycanoids.

They were shown to the sanctuary and solved a soduko-like puzzle to disable the mycanoid “mushroom factory.” Eros show them to the shipwreck.

At the shipwreck they discovered a shrine had been broken and a portal opened to the elemental plane of water. They fought and defeated a blue slime, closed the portal, and left off looting the shipwreck. No trace of the orb could be found. After solving the magnet maze, they discovered a map to a small portion of the Morass with the Tomb of Girion highlighted…

The Devils Elbow 5
Devil's Elbow

First Live session. November 7, 2010: Brian, Matt, Elliot in attendance. Went really well. Very efficient combats and very encouraging that we can eventually be able finish an adventure in one setting.

The group confronted Darrin. The blacksmith, tired of the charade, summoned a fire wall and imps from the Nine Hells, and attacked the group. The group dispatched the imps and dispelled the fire wall only to find Darren transformed into a demonic figure. Zaeroth smote him mightily and the group finished him off with little damage sustained. The group recovered both pieces of the medallion (Handouts).

The next morning they made their way back through the Devil’s Elbow and to the fortress. They found the armies had dissipated and the fortress guard was reinforced with militant orcs. They found a secret passage underneath the fortress leading through a basement and into a catacombs.

The first encounter was the evil goblin withdoctor, Yasir the Death-Caller. A combat proceeded with Yasir shifted this way and that using chained zombies as meat shields and summoned skeletons as his offense. The group was triumphant in the end and recovered some magic boots.

Going on, they ran into a trap of spears and six more animated skeletons. Dispatching them easily, they continued on to the main mausoleum, the tomb of Thradin Captian of Udtgard.

As they explored the tomb, Karik the Goblin Unifier entered and a fight was on. A great battle ensued with the scales of advantage tipping early to the group then heavily to Karik as he dropped the heroes one at a time. It came down to Estral and Karik standing toe-to-toe, but the bard exercised the better part of valor when his last ditch attack failed to land the death blow. Estral used the BWS port scroll, but alas for Bimble for his wounds were fatal. Zaeroth, not a member of the guild, was not ported and captured by the orcs.

The group, while recovering from wounds, learned that the evil armies invaded and captured Thistleshire. Zaeroth was ransomed for a huge sum. Though the mission ended in failure, the group has earned some reputation for their encounters in the Devil’s Elbow.

The Devil's Elbow 4
Devil's Elbow

Email correspondence between gaming sessions: Sept and October

The group, suspicious of Darrin‘s behavior, followed him out of town. Chick was stone-walled by the guards, who were apparently paid off by Darrin to stall him. After picking the guard’s pocket, Chick found that Darrin had paid him a strange bribery — a coin exactly like the one they had delivered (see upper and lower coin halves in Handouts.

The group paid a farmer to smuggle them out of the gates and set upon Darren’s trail.

They caught up with him late into the night….

The Devils Elbow 3

Sept. 5. One combat and a skill challenge. Elliot, Matt, and Greg in attendance.
The rat swarm attacks the group clawing and biting Chick. Chick retaliates doing considerable damage to the swarm and Estralfinishes them off.

The group meets a dwarf called Fletcher Green. He was hired by the Wayfarers before the group to do the same job. But Fletcher’s party was killed by Garrik and the bandits. Fletcher was captured and bound up in the attic to be tortured and eaten alive by the rat swarm. The dwarven ranger joined with the group and they carried on through the pass.

Closing in on dusk, the group made it to a giant wall with many armies of giants, orcs, goblins, and men all listening to the frenzied speech of a human. The leader, presumably the Goblin-Unifier, was rallying the armies to join together as one and start a campaign against Thistleshire and the Bloodsea. The group tried to start a riot and pit the armies against themselves. They were making progress before they lost their nerve and decided to stop pressing their luck. They regrouped, decided to pose as bandits, and make their way to the gatehouse.

Their, they bluffed and bribed their way into the keep, passed a group of curious orcs, and sneaked passed a sleeping guard to exit the keep and make their way to Udtgard.

In Udtgard, the group delivered the package to Darrin who was rather protective of the coin…

The Devil's Elbow 2

Second session went much smoother than the first. Met for about two hours, got through one cmobat, and initiated a second. I think we will get even more efficient as we get familiar with the software and the characters. Our next session is tentitively scheduled for Sunday September 5 at or around 8:30.

In attendance: Adam, Brian, Elliot, Matt

The group approached the tower and was admitted with no problems due to the black arm bands. However combat ensued as Garrik failed to recognize any of them and ordered his lackeys to attack. Zaeroth won initiative and charged Garrik but was pommelled thoroughly by the guards. The bandits and the ogre continued to beat down the paladin felling him in the first round. Garrik, after comanding his ogre to attack, dissappeared in a flash of light and hid out the battle. In depseration, Estral attempted to control the ogre with the whistle he confiscated from the first bandit group. The ogre responded by raging, ignoring Garrik’s command, threw Chick out of the way, and charged Estral. The bard spent the combat leading the ogre around the field keeping it out of combat while the rest of the group finished off the bandits one by one. Chick discovered Garrik trying to flee the scene and the group surrounded and captured him before he could escape.

Interrogating the halfling bandit, the group found him to be a dissagreable, lowlife grunt from the Shadow Coalition. Garrik inidicated that he alone could control the ogre; the whistle was just the language they used to communicate. In addition, he indicated that he was hired by Karik the Goblin Unifier, who comes periodically escorted by teams of heavily armed and armored orcs to collect the money the extort from travelers. The only thing known about Karik is that he uses Thradin’s Post as his base of operations, a long since abandonded gate house at the dogleg of the Hammishway.

In searching the tower, the group found 100 gold and two healing potions, followed the stair case up the the top floor. There they found and forced open a dingy attic door. Chick, atop Zearoth’s shoulders popped his head in only to be assulted by hundreds of tiny claws belonging to an angry and hungry rat swarm.

Devil's Elbow
Devil's Elbow

Here is the summary for the first night. We got about halfway through the adventure and we will finish it up in our next meeting; tentitively set for Saturday August 14 at 9:00.

Estral Arcturus, Chick, and Draven, companions for some time, met Bimble, Battle Wizard of Garl Glittergold the gnome in the city of Wippurn. They were approached by a recruiter from the famous Bloodsea Wayfarers Society adventurers guild and presented with an opportunity to met with officer of the guild, Ichabod Tarmikos. Zaeroth, under orders by the Order of the Dragon Lord to protect Bimble for some mysterious, not-entirely-disclosed reason, accompanied the group to the meeting place, Roryston, a hamlet in the Commonwealth of Thistleshire.

Seduced by promise of fame, fortune, and adventure, Estral promptly signed the offered contract. Chick, Draven, and Bimble followed suit. Zaeroth, however, declined membership thinking it beneath his station as a paladin of the Order. Their first mission was a simple recon and scouting quest to report the condition of a long-closed mountain pass called the Hammishway. Since nicknamed, the Devil’s Elbow and the Devil’s Gauntlet by the locals, the Hammishway had fallen into disuse because of heightened bandit raids, orcs, goblins, giant-kin, and general violence too much for the Commonwealth to maintain. Before setting out an elderly woman, called Shayla, asked (practically begged) the group to deliver a letter to her son who presumably resides in the Duchy of Udtgard on the other side of the mountains. The group accepted.

Soon after entering the pass, the group encoutnered a mysteroius wailing which seemed to eminate from the canyon walls. Estral recounted the legend of the Mourner’s Ghost, a woman long ago widowed by the violence of the Gauntlet who, devistated by her lost husband, climbed the highest wall and threw herself into the pass. The location was given the nickname, the Mourner’s Shelf and is said to be haunted by her ghost. Following the eerie moaning, Zaeroth and Chick climbed their way to the source only to find a large wind chime set up in a dead tree; clearly the source of the sounds. Additionally they found a brigand camp and dispatched them forthwith, but not before finding out about other ambush points and the leader of their outfit, Garrik the halfling and his retarded pet ogre. In the skirmish, Shayla’s letter was torn and the seal was broken. Secretly, Estral read the contents and found a broken silver coin included(see the handouts below). The group cleared out the rest of the bandits and followed the directions to a guard tower — presumably the base of operations for Garrik…

Play Test

Play test was successful. 90 minute 45 second combat. 5 first level PCs in level 2 encounter. Learning a new system, new format, and brand new characters. So really that’s pretty good. I expect that time to be cut in half or better once we get comfortable with the characters and the map tool.

We all liked the max damage both sides rule. Crits are double max damage for both sides. Each side got one crit in the test combat. One PC dropped but didn’t die. Crits may get pretty lethal, but I think smart PCs can over come it. I will employ some DM magic if a PC gets too “diced” though or if the enemies rattle off some lucky consecutive crits or something.

Planning tentatively for July 24 for the first game session. I am also interested in maybe posting non-combat game stuff via email or forums or something. HOpefully we can keep the game moving along that way.

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